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What am I reading this week, this Summer?

I love to read. I read whenever I'm not swimming, photographing or sleeping. From sun up to way past sundown. Mostly I read fiction. I don't trust anyone who doesn't like to read some sort of fiction. But that's just me.  I veered off the fiction path a bit lately and here's what I've had on the side table, next to my comfy-est reading chair.  1. I have been re-reading Robert Adams thin but richly larded book, Beauty in Photography. Essays in Defense of Traditional Values.  While the book is a relic of the film age most of the philosophy he covers concerning photography is still relevant and his writing style makes it a joy to read. I keep looking for the secret key that will unlock my own appreciation of some of photography's popular 20t5h century saints. It's still a mystery to me concerning the popularity of some "saints of photography" who started careers in the nadir of the film days but I'm trying hard to understand. Robert Adams essa

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